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Welcome to Trunk Up – Creative Designs

Thank you for visiting.

It was June 2020 that I made my first handbag. 


While cleaning out my closet and found an old pair of jeans that I hadn’t worn in a long time.   I was going to give them to a second-hand store since they were still in good condition, but then had an idea: “What if I make something?”  So, I took out my old sewing machine, which I hadn’t used for awhile, and decided to make a handbag.


It turned out pretty good for a first time sewing project of this kind and lit the creative fire within me.


A few days later I was out shopping with my new handbag and while standing in line at a check-out, the lady behind me said, “I love your handbag,  where did you get it?”  When I told her that I made it, she asked “Do you have a website? Do you sell them?”  that is when I made the decision to start making bags.


After making many handbags and other items over the past year and a half, it was time to start marketing them.


Deciding on the name of my creative venture was a process in itself and then, a very dear friend suggested to start with some old time favourites and asked what is my favourite animal.


For me, that’s an elephant.   A giant expressive creature associated with strength, stability, intelligence, loyalty, longevity and peace, to name a few.   As a totem animal appreciated across cultures, when depicted with its trunk up, is thought to bring good luck.


What am I doing with old jeans and denim is taking them from a closet or trunk and up-cycling them.


This is how the name and the logo for  “Trunk Up-Creative Designs” came to be.

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